About Phenomenal Women:

Phenomenal Women is an organization that empowers all women to reach their fullest potential! This is successfully done through various community initiatives and events. We have served as a catalyst for life-changing experiences and help to push students towards personal and academic success. We operate out of 3 components:

  • Community Service – We partner with various shelters in Colorado throughout the year to help the homeless community by providing toiletries, hygiene items, and clothes.

  • Women Empowerment – We bring women together to promote the spirit of volunteerism, create an authentic sisterhood, and provide encouraging workshops.

  • Youth Enrichment – We strive to provide educational support for students, motivational workshops, scholarships, life skills as well as new experiences, and meaningful learning activities through our youth program!

Learn More About Phenomenal Women:

Phenomenal Women is big on being transparent with our supporters, therefore we put together a one-stop-shop and guide that outlines our work, goals, and fiscal year projections. Click the below link to learn more!





Sponsorship Request:

Phenomenal Women is strictly a nonprofit organization, meaning ALL funds go directly back into our programming. We operate solely on the backs of our many great volunteers as well as corporate and community sponsors. We are currently seeking corporate and community sponsorship assistance for our youth enrichment efforts. We are calling all professionals in Colorado to help us have an even bigger and better program and help change a student’s life! Together we can do wonders!