Rosy Garcia,

Social Media Director

Rosy Garcia is a Los Angeles native. A mother, leader, professional, and friend. She is passionate about women reaching their full potential and making the best out of the present moment. She is a proud graduate of The University of Colorado at Boulder and was a first-generation student; she walked across the stage to receive her diploma at 9 months pregnant. Her background is in Sociology and Ethnic Studies.

Currently, she is in the digital marketing field and has a passion for breaking barriers professionally-by diving into the world of coding. She is also 1 of 3 women of color in her entire company.
As a Mexican-American woman, she has learned to navigate the intersectionality of two cultures, and as a result, can easily connect with people from all walks of life. She believes in the uniqueness and gift that all women possess and finds great joy in helping women become the best version of themselves.
She is a world traveler, financially-savvy, and takes pleasure in generosity. She appreciates the beauty in finding the balance and peace between being an active participant in her community, church, a committee board member for DPS, and cheering her son on at every football game.

Payne Davis,

Co-Director of Youth and Volunteer Engagement 

Payne is currently enrolled at the Metropolitan State University of Denver pursuing a degree in Human Services with a minor in Human Resources. 

She is currently employed with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless as the Customer Service Specialist on the Quality Assurance Team. Once she has graduated she intends to open her own consulting firm dedicated to assisting nonprofits to grow and thrive with helping the population they serve. 

Payne joined Phenomenal Woman because she is dedicated to helping others figure out their passion in life and reaching their highest potential beginning with our youth!

Ashley Porter,

Co-Director of Youth and Volunteer Engagement 

Ashley Porter is a Denver native who is committed to serving underprivileged youth. She graduated from Overland High School and has a Masters of Social Work with a concentration in School Social Work from the University of Denver. She has additional expertise in Social Emotional Learning Initiatives, Crisis Intervention, Mindfulness, and Trauma-Informed Care. In the future, Ashley would like to obtain her clinical license working in private practice and specializing in children and adolescents who suffer from a range of socio-emotional traumas.


She enjoys volunteering with Phenomenal Woman because it's an organization that provides women and youth the opportunity to network and collaborate to achieve lifelong skills. Ashley never misses a Taco Tuesday and her hobbies include; water sports, traveling, spending time with her family, and hiking.

Tishany Jenkins,

Co-Director of Youth and Volunteer Engagement 

Tishany Jenkins is a Colorado native and proud Panamanian. She received her degree in
Political Science and a Masters in Environmental Law & Policy. She is passionate about self-care, natural skincare, helping others, law, policy, mental health, and investing in the youth. In
her free time she enjoys spending time with family, being a mom, volunteering, reading, being a
foodie, and traveling.

I wanted to be a part of Phenomenal Women because I want to empower young women and
make a difference in my community. Legacy is important to me and I hope that my daughters
can look back at all the work I’ve done especially with this amazing organization and be inspired
to do and be great!

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