About Our Youth Program

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 The Phenomenal Women Youth Program is a consecutive 12-week program extended from our Invest In You Symposium that will begin in April 2021. Our program is intended for girls ages 10-16. The mission of the workshops will cultivate young people’s leadership skills through a variety of workshops and mentorship. We will emphasize the development of necessary life skills and focus on important topics that will be beneficial for their future.​

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Statistics Show That
Many Girls Struggle To
See Their Leadership Potential

Friends at Camp

 The Phenomenal Women Youth Program helps girls recognize their potential, characteristics, and what makes them unique then we strive to give them the opportunity to put the things they've learned into practice. At Phenomenal Women, we believe there are no limits to girls’ potential, and we strive to create an environment that inspires, motivates, and empowers confidence while encouraging them to reach their fullest potential.

PhenoMENal Network for
Young Men Coming
January 2022!

the program

The Phenomenal Group for young men is a program that was created to invest in our young men and help them live fearless and bold lives while also teaching them life-skills and trade skills! The program will ramp up in Januaury of 2022

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What We're Looking For:

* 10 male adult mentors

* 1 program leader

*Young men ages 11-14

*Instuctors to teach trade skills

*Male mentors with flexible schedules 


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