About Our Youth Program

Phenomenal Women is ramping up for our 2022 Life Skills Youth Program, and we would like to extend an invitation to young ladies ages 11-16 to join our program! We are excited about this year's workshops, where we will strive to create an environment that inspires, motivates, and empowers confidence while encouraging them to reach their fullest potential!

Additional Information:

  • This year's workshops will be held via Zoom or in-person (safely distanced), bi-weekly on Saturdays beginning in March! This year will only have 8 workshops to allow the girls time to enjoy their summer and give us time to plan some fun summer activities for them as well!

  • Upon completing the program, ladies will receive awards again, prizes for their hard work, and the opportunity to apply for a $200-$500 scholarship!

  • Workshop topics and sessions will include a full 5-star etiquette and dining experience, beauty and brunch, entrepreneurship skills, social media management, fundraising & fun, and so much more!

Space is limited so we have made the process easier for our past students. Instead of filling out another application, please email phenomenalwomenstaff@gmail.com with your student(s) First and Last Name to confirm or decline the invitation for your student(s) to join the 2022 program.

For new students interested in joining the youth program, we ask that parents submit an application by March 7th by clicking the link: 2022 Youth Program Application. Additional information about our open house will be sent once applications are submitted.

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Statistics Show That
Many Girls Struggle To
See Their Leadership Potential

Friends at Camp

 The Phenomenal Women Youth Program helps girls recognize their potential, characteristics, and what makes them unique then we strive to give them the opportunity to put the things they've learned into practice. At Phenomenal Women, we believe there are no limits to girls’ potential, and we strive to create an environment that inspires, motivates, and empowers confidence while encouraging them to reach their fullest potential.

PhenoMENal Network for
Young Men Coming
Summer 2022!

the program

The Phenomenal Group for young men is a program that was created to invest in our young men and help them live fearless and bold lives while also teaching them life-skills and trade skills! The program will ramp up in Januaury of 2022

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What We're Looking For:

* 10 male adult mentors

* 1 program leader

*Young men ages 11-14

*Instuctors to teach trade skills

*Male mentors with flexible schedules 


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