Phenomenal Women Youth Program

The Phenomenal Women Youth Program is a consecutive 12-week program extended from our Invest In You Symposium that will begin in April 2021. Our program is intended for girls ages 10-16. The mission of the workshops will cultivate young people’s leadership skills through a variety of workshops and mentorship. We will emphasize the development of necessary life skills and focus on important topics that will be beneficial for their future.​


Students can also expect to gain information about other resourceful programs in Colorado, peer-to-peer mentoring, awards for their hard work, prizes, funfilled activities, and scholarship opportunities. The workshops are facilitated by the Phenomenal Women Team of volunteers but we will also host special guest speakers. Staff and volunteers also help spearhead workshop sessions designed to:


  • Promote personal development and student engagement;

  • Promote fun and encouraging activities;

  • Build courage and confidence with public speaking;

  • Facilitate and strengthen life skills;

  • Health and personal care;

  • Career and college planning;

  • Strengthen social skills, and encourage positive social interaction;

  • Teach students about health and self-care, interactions with others, and everyday common considerations.


If you are interested in having your student join our program and gain beneficial skills for their future, please submit an application using the link below. 

Please note, all of our workshops are voluntary and we operate off of community support as well as the back of our amazing volunteers. If you would like to support us and our work please feel to make a donation by clicking the button below.